Before you move into your Brand-New Construction home there are a couple of things you need to do. One of these is to have the new home inspected. There are many important reasons why a home inspection is necessary before moving into your new home.

The whole process of picking out paint colors, planning furniture and shopping for accents and decorative items is extremely exciting. With all that going on you should not forget to hire a home inspector, and have the home inspected prior to moving in.

There are things that an experiences and certified master home inspector will see that most home buyers won’t. In fact, some home buyers opt to hire a home inspector prior to possession and then 11 months into the warranty period. A newly built home is still not exempt from a home inspection and your walk-through with the builder may not be enough.


  1. There will be problems in a newly constructed home. Some will be minor but there may be a couple of major issues you will want fixed prior to moving into the home. Contrary to what most of us think, just because it’s new doesn’t mean there are not issues. It’s not because the builders don’t care but because building a home involves different subcontractors who work in different areas and with different systems. These separate but simultaneously occurring activities make it difficult for the builder to carefully check all phases.

Some common issues found in newly built homes are:

  • Missing insulation
  • Unattached ducts
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Electrical problems
  • Incomplete work
  1. The second reason is that a municipal building inspection is not the same as a home inspection. Municipal building inspectors check for compliance of building codes which are the minimum standard.
  2. The problems found before buying can be fixed before moving in. The good thing with a home inspection is that you have a documented report showing what must be fixed before taking possession of the home. So, you won’t be bothered with dust, noisy repairs or having to take vacation time from work to monitor the repairs being done.
  3. Minor repairs can be fixed before they cause major damage. A home inspection gives you the knowledge of the condition major components of the home. It gives the builder the time to address what needs to be handled before it results in serious problems or expensive damage.
  4. It will definitely matter when you resell the property. When you plan to resell, buyers will likely get a home inspection. Even if you didn’t know that some issues existed before you took ownership of the house, the home inspection can still discover it. Remember, the builder will no longer take responsibility for these issues.

Hiring a professional licensed and certified home inspector to inspect your new home will pay off in so many ways and allow you and your family to enjoy many years in your new home.

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