Home inspections are not all disasters and problems. Sometimes, inspectors come across unusual home additions that make them smile like this indoor putting green.

From time to time there are some unusual things seen during the home inspection. For the right person this putting green in the basement would be just what they’re looking for. It’s unusual, but it could be fun. And what a great way to work on your short game!

Unusual Additions

Here are some of the most unusual home additions that have been discovered during a home inspection.

1. Indoor Basement Putting Green

This is definitely an unusual find! An indoor putting green in the basement is not something you see every day. This particular homeowner must really love golf. While this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is certainly a creative use of space.

2. Giant Lawn Jenga Set

Jenga is a classic game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. This homeowner took the game to the next level by creating a giant set that can be played in the yard. This would be a great addition to any summer party or barbecue.

3. Life-Size Statue of a Dinosaur

This is a one-of-a-kind unique yard decoration! This life-size statue of a dinosaur is sure to turn heads. It would be a great conversation starter for any visitors to the home.

4. Indoor Basement Pool

An indoor pool is not something you see every day, but it is certainly a luxurious home addition. This home inspector was lucky enough to find an indoor pool during a recent inspection. The pool is in great condition and ready to swim in.

5. Secret Wine Cellar

This homeowner had a secret wine cellar hidden behind a false wall in their basement. This is definitely a creative way to store wine! And the wine cellar is in good condition and appeared to be well-stocked.

Keep it Interesting

While most homes don’t have these unusual features, it’s always fun to see what creative homeowners come up with. These unusual home additions certainly make the home inspection process more interesting!

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