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What to use on an Icy Sidewalk?

When winter arrives, icy sidewalks are often a hazard that can cause slips and falls. Fortunately, there are some ways to make icy sidewalks safer. Here is a list of options to consider when dealing with icy sidewalks:

1. Sand – Sand has great traction and can help give icy sidewalks more grip. It also helps absorb moisture from the ice or snow, which keeps things less slippery. Keep in mind that sand needs to be reapplied after each storm so it can continue providing the necessary traction for safety.

2. Salt – Salt has been used for years as an effective deicer on icy roads and driveways, but it can also work well on icy sidewalks too! Simply spread salt over the icy surface and it

3. Kitty Litter – Kitty litter is an inexpensive deicer that works just as well as salt but without some of the harmful side effects to plants and vegetation. Spread it over icy patches and it will provide traction while melting any snow or ice beneath its granules.

4. Coffee grinds are an organic way to provide traction on icy sidewalks. The coffee grinds will also help absorb some of the icy moisture, providing a more stable surface for walking and reduce slipping. Be sure to reapply after each storm as necessary. Coffee grinds are eco-friendly and won’t damage plants or vegetation like salt can.

5. Heated Mats – Heated mats come in many sizes and types, so you can find one to fit your icy sidewalk perfectly! They work by melting the snow and ice with their heated coils, preventing further buildup throughout the winter months.

By following these tips you can keep icy sidewalks safe and slip-free throughout the winter season. With a bit of extra preparation, icy sidewalks are no longer a hazard that needs to be feared!

So go ahead and enjoy the icy weather without worry.

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