UPDATE: Executive Home Inspections Operations During COVID-19

We will continue to provide thorough, professional home inspections during COVID-19. The inspection report will continue to be emailed to the client on the same day.

To help ensure the safety of our community, our clients and their families, the home sellers and their families as well as the real estate professionals we have committed to the following effective immediately:

  1. If you have any symptoms, please do not attend the inspection.
  2. Please do not bring additional people to the inspection, this includes children, contractors, relatives, friends or others who are not directly involved in the transaction. This is very important.
  3. Clients are always welcome to attend inspections, but at this time it may be in their best interest not to. Your Options Are:
    1. Not attend and receive the report including photos, via email on the same day, consult with the inspector after reviewing the report (phone or email).
    2. Come to the inspection and practice social distancing
    3. Come at the end of the inspection, we can discuss the inspection outside the home.
  4. The inspector will not shake hands, bump fists or elbows to support social distancing and will support the current six-foot distance recommended by social distancing recommendations. NOTE: this is can be difficult in close quarters, your cooperation is appreciated.
  5. The inspector will sanitize his hands and equipment (Cameras, Moisture meter, plug tester, phone etc.) before and after the inspection.
  6. We encourage the client to sign the inspection agreement online.
  7. Etransfers are the preferred payment method but clients can still pay with credit card (VISA or Mastercard) onsite or over the phone. We do not accept Cheques, AMEX, or Debit.

We hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.

Thank you,

Ron Henderson, CMI


Our Approach

We use a Top Down approach to  the Home Inspection. The inspection starts with the roof, chimneys & gutters. Then the exterior doors, windows, siding, decks, patios, grading etc. On to the interior starting with the attic (insulation structure ect), moving through each room and level checking plumbing, electrical and structure. Next is the basement, Foundation, HVAC (Furnace/AC), Plumbing and Electrical services. Photos are taken of issues during the inspection and a Thermal Imaging (infrared) camera is used to help identify insulation issues, electrical hot spots and potential water leaks. A moisture meter is also used during the inspection.

At the end of the inspection the Inspector will go through a summary onsite and answer any questions you may have. The full report is produced back at the office and email to you the same day as the inspection.  If you have questions after reading the report you can contact the inspector by phone or email.

Meet the Inspector

Over 10 years Home Inspection experience  -  Certified Master Inspector (CMI 2011)  -   Infrared Certified (Residential Thermal Imaging) -  WCB Coverage  -  Licensed by the Province of Alberta


Ron Henderson, CMI

Certified Master Inspector

Ron has been a home inspector since 2008 and was one of the first to achieve the CMI (Certified Master Inspector) certification in the Edmonton area.

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