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Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are an effective solution for water conservation. Use rainwater collected in barrels to water gardens, lawns or other areas of your property. Install Rain barrels or a rainwater collection system for your existing rain gutters.

Here are some tips for setting up and maintaining a rain barrel system:

1) Choose the right location. Place your rain barrels at downspouts on solid ground. Make sure the location is accessible for water collection and maintenance.

2) Install a diverter. Rain barrel systems require a diverter to collect the water from your downspout. You can install one yourself, but you may need help if the system you’re using requires soldering or welding.

3) Check for leaks. Rain barrels hold large amounts of water. Check regularly for any signs of leakage. If you find any, repair it immediately to avoid wasting precious rainwater.

4) Clean out your barrel. Clean your rain barrels every couple of months. This can prevent buildup of debris and bacteria that could cause bad smells or contamination in your water.

5) Cover your barrel. Cover your rain barrels with a lid to prevent mosquitoes, rodents and other pests from getting into the water. The lid will keep out any debris or leaves that get blown in by the wind.

You can purchase a good quality rain barrel at most hardware stores. Buy one that has an overflow line so that your not spilling water near your foundation when it overflows. Don’t for get t empty the rain barrel for winter as the freezing water can crack or damage the barrel.

Follow these tips

Finally by following these rain barrel tips can help you set up an efficient, reliable rainwater collection system for your home or business. By collecting rainwater in barrels it can be used to water gardens, lawns, or other areas of your property. Helping you conserve water and save money on utility bills!

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