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How to Store Christmas Lights

When it comes time to store Christmas lights properly, there are some key steps you should follow. First, make sure that the lights have been unplugged and cords untangled before placing them in a storage container. This will help prevent any damage or tangles when retrieving them for next season’s festivities.

Test the lights and check for broken wires or bulbs. Be sure to replace or repair any damaged sections before storing them away.

Next, wrap the strands of Christmas lights around something cylindrical such as a toilet paper roll or wrapping paper tube. This will keep them from getting tangled while they’re being stored away. Be sure to label each bundle so you can easily identify which strand is what and where it goes.

You can buy a Christmas light storage reel online or from your local hardware store. They are relatively inexpensive and reusable.

Once your bundles are ready, place them carefully into a plastic bin with an airtight lid. If possible, store away from sunlight or areas with high temperatures, as this could cause the lights to deteriorate over time. Avoid using cardboard boxes, as they may attract humidity and cause corrosion over time. Place the container in a cool, dry area such as an attic or closet for safekeeping until the next season arrives!

Finally, if you’re storing a large set of Christmas lights, consider buying a storage bag specifically designed to hold them! These bags will keep your strands secure and organized until they need to be reinstalled at the beginning of the holiday season.

By following these steps when storing away your Christmas lights each year, you’ll help ensure that they stay in excellent condition for another season of cheer and merriment. Happy Holidays!

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