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The chimney is something people very rarely ask about. Its used to vent exhaust gas from your heat source (furnace, boiler, hot water tank, fireplace etc.)

It’s usually made of metal or brick or sometimes both. As you can see by the above photo sometimes they need some work.


Brick chimneys are held together with cement mortar which is basically cement without stones or rocks in it.

The mortar will normally deteriorate faster than the bricks and will need to be redone when it starts to deteriorate.

The chimney will also have a cap or crown made out of mortar or metal. The cap keeps water from getting into the chimney and causing damage to the bricks etc.

If water gets into the bricks they will start to fall apart which can cause structural issues with the chimney and possibly the roof.

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To a metal chimney rust is the enemy.

The exhaust gases coming out are acidic and can cause the chimney to deteriorate over time.


rusted chimney

Your inspection report will contain a section on the condition of the chimney.  If required you should make any repairs as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the chimney or the interior of the home.

Note: You should inspect your chimney every year or have a professional inspect it. It can be very dangerous to go on a roof. You MUST observe all safety precautions when using ladders or when going on a roof (tie off etc.). Be safe or call a professional.

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