rafter baffle

What is a baffle?

A rafter baffle, or insulation baffle, is a device that is used to regulate the flow of air within an attic. Baffles are typically made from plastic, fiberglass or metal material. They are placed between rafters in order to maintain an even distribution of air throughout the attic. This helps ensure proper ventilation and can prevent moisture buildup from occurring.

Baffles also help reduce energy costs as they act like a barrier between the rafters. They trap heat inside the house during wintertime and keeping it out during summer. They also provide extra room for insulation materials. Which further increase energy efficiency by preventing unwanted heat exchange between your home and outside temperatures.

New homes have baffles installed prior to being insulated. If you are upgrading your insulation you will have to install baffles before adding more insulation. This is not an easy job and hiring a professional insulation contractor is worth considering.

When Upgrading

When installing rafter baffles, be sure to place them at least 2 inches away from rafters or trusses. Most are designed with the 2″ air gap. This is so that they don’t block insulation or interfere with the rafter braces. And when installing rafter baffles in a cathedral ceiling, be sure to install them at least 6 inches away from rafters to allow for proper airflow between rafters and insulation materials.

In conclusion, rafter baffles are an important component of any home’s attic. They help regulate air flow, reduce energy costs and provide extra room for insulation materials. Proper installation is key and should be done by a professional to ensure maximum efficiency. With rafter baffles in place, you can rest assured knowing your attic is properly ventilated and insulated!

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