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Home Inspection

Homebuyers in the market for a new house usually hire a home inspection company to investigate the property. They generate a detailed report that specifies any issues with the condition of the house. Such as recommended repairs, maintenance concerns, or any other costly problems. The inspector will examine every aspect of physical structure of the house–from foundation to roofing to systems.

A professional home inspector will check the condition of your property, comprehensive of systems like heating/cooling, plumbing, electricity, and water/sewage. They will also look for any fire or safety hazards. Furthermore, they’ll inspect for signs of water or fire damage that might affect the value of your home.

An assessment in a report can range from material defects that decrease a home’s value to less severe cosmetic concerns. Depending on the evaluation, the buyer could choose to continue with the sale as is, schedule other inspections, try to renegotiate the cost of the house with repairs included with what was found during inspection  or cancel negotiation for purchase altogether.

If need be and depending on how big or small of an ask it would be for major repair work , the buyer has every right . And they can request a reinspection by the original inspector(s) who first identify potential problem areas needing correcting before considering finalizing any deal.

The Government of Alberta defines a Home Inspection as:

  • A Home Inspection means an opinion as to the condition of a dwelling based primarily on a non-invasive examination of readily accessible features and components of the dwelling.
  • A Home Inspector is defined as an individual who is employed by one or more home inspection businesses to conduct home inspections.

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