When buying a snow blower, it’s important to make sure you get the right one for your needs. There are many factors that you will need to consider before you make your purchase.

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Snow blowing

1-Determine your needs:

Do you live in an area where it snows heavily? How big is the area that needs to be cleared of snow? Do you have a large driveway, or do you need a machine with a narrower path for sidewalks and pathways? These questions will help guide your buying decision. Know your budget: Snow blowers range from around $100 to several thousand dollars. Decide how much you are willing to spend on your snow blower before making your purchase.

Once you know what type of snow blower fits both your needs and budget, it’s time to review the features. Get one that has the right capacity for clearing wet heavy snow and enough control options for easy maneuvering

2-Your Budget:

Snow blowers range from around $100 to several thousand dollars. Decide how much you are willing to spend on your snow blower before making your purchase. Research and read reviews: Once you’ve decided on a specific model, do some research online. Read product reviews and compare prices between different retailers. This will help ensure that you get the best quality snow blower at the right price.

If buying new isn’t an option, buying used can be a great way to get a good quality snow blower for less money. Make sure you check it out thoroughly and know what kind of warranty is available before buying it.

3-The Extras:

Once you’ve narrowed down your buying decision, consider other features that may be important to you. Do you need an electric start? Does it have a headlight for clearing snow in the dark? Does the snow blower come with a cab option? What kind of warranty is offered? These extra features can add up quickly in cost. Decide which ones are important and which ones aren’t before buying.


After you buy a snow blower, you’ll need to consider how to store it. Consider buying a cover for the machine to keep it protected from the elements when not in use. Alternatively, if you have limited storage space, consider using a wall bracket or lifting mechanism. So you can easily access your snow blower and put it away without taking up too much room. No matter what option you go with, proper storage will help ensure that your snow blower stays in good condition for many years to come.


Snow blowers require maintenance. Make sure you are familiar with the machine’s parts and how to properly maintain it to get the most out of your purchase. This includes checking for wear and tear, lubricating all necessary components, and changing the oil when needed. Finally, read up on any recalls or service notes associated with your model in case there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Proper maintenance will help ensure that your snow blower is always running smoothly come wintertime.

6-Safety Features:

Finally, don’t forget to consider safety features when buying a snow blower. Look for models that have an automatic shut-off switch. So if something goes wrong the machine will automatically turn off and prevent any damage or injury. Other important safety features include adjustable handles, sturdy construction with guards, and reflective material on the exterior to make it easy to spot in low visibility conditions. All of these features are important considerations for your new snow blower.

Finally, remember to keep safety in mind when buying a snow blower. Make sure you read all instructions thoroughly before operating the machine and always wear protective gear when using it. With some research and careful consideration, buying the right snow blower for your needs will ensure many years of safe and efficient snow-clearing.

7-When to Buy:

Keep in mind when to buy your snow blower. Many retailers have sales during off-seasons, such as the spring and summer months. Taking advantage of these sales can help you get a great deal on your new machine. Additionally, buying early allows for plenty of time to get used to the machine before winter weather hits. That way you’ll be prepared when it’s time for snow removal! With some research and careful consideration buying the right snow blower for your needs will ensure many years of safe and efficient snow-clearing.

power shovel snow blower
Home Depot

8-Power Shovel:

An alternative to buying a snow blower is buying a power shovel. This is essentially a small, cordless electric shovel that can clear light-to-moderate amounts of snow from driveways and sidewalks. It’s best for smaller areas and lighter snowfalls, but it’s lightweight and easy to store away when not in use. Power shovels are also a more affordable option than buying a full-sized snow blower. If your area gets light or occasional snowfall, this could be the perfect solution for you!

single stage snow blower
Canadian Tire

9-Single Stage Snow Blowers:

For medium to heavy snowfall, single stage snow blowers are the way to go. These machines are designed to handle more intense amounts of snow and ice, making them an ideal solution for larger areas or frequently snowy winters. They’re also relatively affordable compared to two-stage models. When buying a single-stage snow blower, make sure you invest in one that has good traction so it doesn’t get stuck in deep drifts or slushy roads.

two stage snow blower

10-Two-stage snow blowers:

Two-stage snow blowers are designed for tough conditions, such as thick snowbanks, icy roads, and heavy drifts. This type of machine typically comes with features like chute rotation, power steering, and heated hand grips. Two-stage snow blowers also usually come with larger motors than single-stage machines, making them more powerful and efficient. When buying a two-stage snow blower, make sure to look for one that has adjustable augers for better performance in different types of terrain. Also, consider buying an electric start model if you have difficulty starting a traditional gas engine machine in cold weather or if you’re just looking for an easier way to fire up your machine

three stage snow blower

11-Three stage snow blowers:

If you live in an area that gets especially heavy snowfall or large amounts of ice, buying a three stage snow blower is your best option. Three stage snow blowers can move more snow than any other snow blower. This type of machine uses two sets of augers to scoop up and move large amounts of snow quickly and efficiently. It also comes with additional features, such as heated grips for cold-weather comfort, LED headlights for night clearing, and power steering for easier maneuvering. When buying a three-stage snow blower, make sure it has adjustable chute rotation so you can direct the snow where you need it to go. Additionally, consider buying one with a track drive system if you plan on navigating slippery hills or icy terrain.

12-Driveway Material:

The material your driveway is made of is a factor to consider when buying a new snow blower. If you have a gravel or dirt driveway, buying an auger-style machine is your best bet since it can gently pick up and move the stones without causing damage. However, if you have a paved driveway, buying a two-stage or a three-stage model with impeller blades would be a better option since it’s better suited for removing thicker layers of snow from flat surfaces.

FYI: Snow blowers can throw rocks from gravel driveways

13-Annual snowfall:

Another key factor to consider when buying a snow blower is the annual snowfall in your area. Knowing how much snow you typically get can help you decide which type of machine would be most suitable for your needs. If your area gets light or occasional snow, buying a power shovel or single-stage machine might be enough to properly clear away any accumulation. However, if you experience heavy and frequent snowfalls, buying a two-stage or three-stage model would be best for tackling larger amounts

14-Power steering:

A snow blower with power steering is a great way to make the chore of clearing away snow easier. Power steering makes it much easier and smoother to control your machine in slippery conditions or when navigating tight areas. Most two-stage and three-stage models come standard with power steering, so be sure to look for this feature if you plan on buying one of these machines.

15-Chute control:

Be sure to look for one with adjustable chute control when buying a new snow blower. This feature allows you to easily adjust the direction of your snow stream so you can direct it right where you need it. Some models come with a rotating chute that can be adjusted manually, while others have an electronic joystick for easy operation.


If you plan on clearing snow in the evening or during early mornings, buying a machine with LED headlights is essential. This type of lighting will help illuminate your path and ensure that any snow and debris are cleared away properly. Most two-stage models come equipped with this feature, but if yours doesn’t, you can always purchase them separately.

17-Heated Handles:

Another great feature to look for when buying a new snow blower is heated handles. This can make a big difference if you’re working in cold weather since it keeps your hands warm and comfortable while you work. Not all machines have this feature, so be sure to check before buying if it’s important to you.

18-Airless tires:

Buying a machine with airless tires is another great way to make your snow removal task easier. These tires don’t require inflation and are designed to provide better traction on slippery surfaces. They also have the added benefit of being puncture-proof, so you won’t have to worry about them going flat in the middle of a job.

19-Electric Start:

Electric start is another great feature to look for when purchasing a snow blower This allows you to fire up your machine with the push of a button, which can be especially helpful during bitterly cold days or if your machine has been sitting idle for a while. Not all machines come with this feature, so be sure to check before buying if it’s important to you.

20-Gas Snow blower:

Buying a gas powered snow blower is another great way to make sure that your machine has enough power and torque to handle any kind of job. While electric models can be quieter, lighter, and more energy efficient, they won’t provide the same amount of power as the gas snow blowers. A two stage snow blower is the most common. Consider buying a gas-powered snow blower if you need something more powerful and reliable in tough conditions.

corded snow blower

21-Electric Snow blowers:

If you don’t have a lot of snow to clear and you’re looking for something that’s lightweight, quieter, and more energy-efficient, buying an electric snow blower is the way to go. These models come in both corded and cordless options and are great for smaller jobs around the house or clearing light powdery snow. They tend to be less expensive than gas models as well, so they can be a great option for those on a budget.

cordless snow blower

22-Cordless Snow blowers:

Another great option for those who are looking for convenience and portability is buying a cordless snow blower. These models come with powerful battery packs that allow you to move freely around your property without having to worry about being tethered to an outlet. They tend to be more expensive than electric or gas models, but they can be well worth the investment if you need something that’s portable and easy to use.

Overall, buying the right type of snow blower is essential for ensuring that your machine will perform optimally and last longer. Consider all of these factors before making your purchase so you can find the best option for your particular needs and budget. With a little research and the right information in hand, buying a snow blower doesn’t have to be a daunting task!

In summary, buying a snow blower doesn’t have to be intimidating. Consider all of these factors when making your purchase so you can find the best option for your particular needs and budget. With a little research and knowledge in hand, buying a snow blower should be much simpler!

Happy snow-blowing!

Snow blower images from Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Lowes

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