Snow Removal
Snow Removal

Your Responsibility

Snow removal from the public sidewalk around your property is your responsibility. It’s important to keep sidewalks clear of snow and ice during winter months.

Falling snow can quickly accumulate on walkways and driveways. Homeowners should clear snow from these areas as soon as possible after a snowfall ends. Not only will this help protect pedestrians from slipping, but it also prevents snow and ice from melting onto roads or other public surfaces.

Homeowners should use shovels or snowblowers to remove snow on their property before spreading salt or sand over icy patches on sidewalks and driveways.

City Bylaws for Snow Removal

City ordinances and local bylaws typically dictate your legal obligation to remove snow and ice from the public sidewalks and walkways adjacent to your property.  In most cases, snow must be cleared within 24 hours of snowfall. If snow and ice are left uncleared for an extended period, you may face a fine.

It’s important to exercise caution when clearing snow from your property in cold temperatures. Take frequent breaks to avoid frostbite and wear several layers of clothing for warmth. Consider using snow-removal services if the task becomes too strenuous or dangerous for you to complete safely on your own.

If you have a corner lot that includes the sidewalk along the side of your property as well. That snow and ice will also need to be cleared or salted. It’s important to check with your local city ordinances when it comes to snow removal responsibility in order to know the exact requirements in your area.

Snow Removal and Fire Hydrants

This may include fire hydrants along the public sidewalk as well. Fire hydrants must be kept clear of snow and ice so that they can be accessed in case of an emergency. Check with your local fire department for more information on responsibility near fire hydrants.  In some instances, snow removal services may be able to help with snow clearing around fire hydrants as well.

Overall, snow removal responsibility is important during the winter months and should not be taken lightly. Taking the time to clear snow and ice from walkways helps make sure pedestrians stay safe while ensuring a clean-looking city!

It’s essential to understand local laws and regulations regarding snow removal as well as exercise caution when removing snow from your property. Contact your local authority before using quads or heavy equipment for removing snow.

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