Photo eye beam Safety

Photo eye beam is an important safety feature.

Photo eye beam safety systems use a high-powered infrared light beam that is reflected off of a sensor. It can detect the presence or absence of people or objects.

The sensors (electric eye) are installed at the base of the garage door to act as a safety system. It is designed to quickly reverse the door when it encounters an obstacle like your car, a pet, a child, etc.

This one was incorrectly installed in the rafters and is not going to provide the safety feature it was designed for.

Photo eye beam systems are designed to detect obstacles, people, or objects that move into the path of the beam. They are set up so that it only triggers when things like people, animals or objects pass through its field of vision. Photo eye beam systems are quick and reliable. They provide an extra layer of security for homes by helping to prevent accidents involving garage doors.

When the beam is crossed while the garage door is closing. It will send a signal to the garage door opener to reverse direction. So if someone or something is in the way the garage door will not come down ad crush it. This is a great safety feature as it prevents people from getting injured, such as small children or pets. It also prevents your property and vehicles from being damaged.

Photo eye beam safety systems are easy to install and require minimal maintenance for years of reliable service. Photo eye beam systems are a great way to protect your family and property. Providing an extra layer of security for your home.

Remember to test the system monthly.

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