tap hot water

Not for drinking or cooking

Tap hot water should never be used for preparing food or beverages. As it may contain bacteria and chemical contaminants that can make you sick. It may be heated to a higher temperature than is recommended for drinking or cooking. Which can allow bacteria and chemicals to be present that would otherwise not be.

Tap hot water is not safe to drink because the higher temperatures increase the risk of contamination from potentially harmful chemicals or organisms.

If you need to use hot water for cooking or drinking, always opt for boiled or bottled water instead. Boiling will ensure any contaminants are destroyed before consumption.

To ensure your water is free of contaminants, it should be boiled for at least one minute. Boiling will kill any organisms present that could potentially make you ill.

It’s also important to remember to use a food-grade container when storing boiled or bottled water. Drinking water should not be stored in an open container as this can lead to cross contamination with other items in the refrigerator or pantry.

Protect yourself and your family by adhering to this simple guideline. Tap hot water – Not for cooking!

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