Top 3 House Hunting Tips

House Hunting

Buying a home can be stressful and emotional but it doesn’t have to be. After months of looking at many different homes, you finally find your future home. This roller coaster ride of emotions is almost over.

One of the things to do before you sign off on your dream home is the home inspection.

The Home Inspection

The home inspection process can be quite daunting, especially if you’re not sure which way to turn or what to look for. A home inspection is designed to help you move through the home buying process.

So, what should you watch for when you’re house hunting?

We all know that problems with a home can mean costly repairs. Most people are not looking for these potential problems when viewing a home. A professional home inspector can get this done and help you move smoothly through the inspection and into your dream home.

3 Important Items

Three important items you can watch for are Safety, Function and Structural Issues.

Here are the three main categories every home buyer should look for when previewing property:

While previewing the home look for electrical issues such as burn marks on plugins and exposed wires.

Water leaks or moisture stains that are moldy looking are a big red flag.

Check the handrails, are they solid and safe?

Is there smoke detectors installed?

There are three main systems: electrical, plumbing and heating/cooling.

Are there obvious issues?

  • Damaged switches or plugins
  • Water stains or leaking pipes.
  • Is the hot water tank leaking?
  • Loud noises from the furnace or AC unit?

The structural integrity of the home is particularly important.

Ask the seller how old the shingles are. When you look at them from the ground do they look like they are curling or falling apart?

Do you see and cracks in the foundation, or poor drainage around the house?

Is the deck falling apart or pulling away from the home?

These can be signs of significant structural damage and should be discussed with your home inspector.

If your happy with what you have seen, then its time to book your home inspection.

Your home inspector will cover all these areas and more.

Buying a home is a huge financial investment.

Get a professional home inspection from Executive Home Inspections so you’re equipped with the things you need to know to make an informed buying decision and Peace Of Mind.

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