home inspector license

Do you have your Home Inspector License?

Yes, I have my home inspector license.

By having a home inspection license, customers can trust that I have the necessary qualifications to safely inspect their home.

When looking for a home inspector in Alberta, make sure you ask for proof of licensing. With my license, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that I am qualified to undertake home inspections with professionalism and expertise.

Check for licensing with the link below.

Link to the provinces search tool for business licenses.

A Home Inspector is defined as an individual who is employed by one or more home inspection businesses to conduct home inspections.

A Home Inspection means an opinion as to the condition of a dwelling based primarily on a non-invasive examination of readily accessible features and components of the dwelling.

This is also true for the home inspection business. This licensing guarantees that home inspectors are knowledgeable, experienced, and compliant with all applicable laws.

If you’re looking for a home inspector in Alberta, make sure to ask for proof of licensing. Speak to me today about your home inspection needs – I look forward to helping you find the perfect home!

Thanks for considering me.

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