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Is the Seller present during the Home Inspection?

Generally, the seller should not be present during the home inspection. This is because it can make the buyer feel uncomfortable and may create tension going forward. If the seller is present during the home inspection, they should remain quiet and let the inspector do their work.

A seller’s presence at a home inspection also gives them an unfair advantage. They now know which repairs are required for their property before it hits the market. This reduces any potential negotiations between buyer and seller if issues arise with items that were found during the inspection. After all the buyer is paying for the home inspection.

Seller can be defensive

Sellers tend to get defensive and take things personally or they get overzealous trying to make sure the sale goes thorough. Understandable most people take pride in their home. They can feel like it a personal attack even though the inspector is about the condition of the home.

It’s best for the seller to be absent from the inspection and let their real estate agent handle any inquiries from the buyer or inspector.

With the seller present the buyer can end up feeling like they are interfering with the inspection and may cause them to walk away from the purchase.

In any case, it is important for sellers to remember that their presence may make the buyer feel uncomfortable. It is best practice for sellers to allow their real estate agents to handle any inquiries during the home inspection.  This ensures that buyers get an unbiased evaluation of their future property.  It also allows for a fair outcome in terms of any required repairs after closing.  

The bottom line is that a sellers presence at a home inspection should be avoided if possible.

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