90 day warranty

When does it start?

The 90 day warranty starts the day of the inspection. After the inspection, you will receive your inspection report and the warranty registration is completed at this time. The warranty is registered for you by the home inspector. The 90-day warranty begins on this date. It’s valid for a period of 90 days or for 22 days after closing.

During this time, if any issues arise you must contact the warranty company directly as soon as possible. The inspector emailed you the contact information for RWS on the day of the inspection.

They may require repair estimates before providing authorization to proceed. It’s best to contact them before any repairs are completed if possible. In the event that immediate repairs are required then you will need to provide receipts from a qualified, licensed professional.

This coverage is subject to certain terms and conditions which include minimum maintenance requirements as well as some exclusions such as normal wear and tear or preexisting conditions at the time of purchase.

Any claims must be made during that time period.

The 90 Day Warranty from RWS provides some Mechanical coverage on the plumbing, electrical, some appliances, HVAC system, etc. Please review the warranty information provided to you on the day of the inspection. It was sent via email.

Residential Warranty Services

  • P.O. Box 797, Carmel, IN 46082
  • 800-544-8156
  • Submit a claim to Residential Warranty Services

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